Psychology nerd and expert

I’m a psychology nerd, and because of that, I’ve made it my career! I’m training as a psychologist, and every week, I learn from some of the top psychology and psychiatry experts.

I think of myself as a sponge, soaking up as much knowledge as I can. Because of my knowledge-base, I can provide you with the most effective ways of improving your mental health.

Here’s what I do have in my corner as a writer:

  1. Years of psychology training (over 10, to be exact).

Did you know I’ve gotten 3 degrees in psychology and I’m currently working toward my doctorate in clinical psychology?

2. Thousands of hours of consuming psychological research and discourse among psychologists.

2. Hundreds of hours working directly with people to decrease their suffering and improve mental wellness.

4. Currently training a hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

“What’s the point of having this expertise if people continue to suffer?”

This question drives my mission to educate and provide people with practical ways to improve their mental health. Writing provides an excellent way for me to share my expertise with you.

Clinical Training with Harvard Medical School

Every week, I learn about trauma, cultural considerations in psychiatry, psychological testing, anti-racism in healthcare, suicidality, and a host of other topics. It’s through these seminars with my colleagues that I learn the latest research in mental health today.

I have 6 supervisors, all of which are appointed through Harvard Medical School. I meet with them individually and weekly. I receive in-depth consultation and learning from them. They teach me how to help my patients better, tailoring my psychological knowledge to each person.

Most of my time is spent working one-on-one with patients, providing individual psychotherapy. This is the most rewarding part of my week, witnessing people learn about themselves, change unhelpful patterns, and interact with the world around them more effectively.

Not only do my patients learn from me, but I’ve also learned so much from them.

One major lesson has been how resilient we are as humans. We keep taking punches. We get back up every time, even if getting up looks different every time.

Psychology nerd and expert. Harvard Med clinical psychology fellow. Providing you with practical ways to enhance your life and mental health.

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