Psychology nerd and expert

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  1. Years of psychology training (over 10, to be exact).

Did you know I’ve gotten 3 degrees in psychology and I’m currently working toward my…

Ways to increase productivity while finding your purpose

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Reclaiming Time During a Pandemic

Pushing past self-imposed mental limits

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Even though running didn’t come easy to me, it taught me that I’m stronger and more capable than I realized.

Acceptance vs. Control

Seems impossible, but it’s easier than you think

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Seeing Is Believing, right?

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When your identity becomes blemished

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The most surprising and informative facts about binge eating

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What psychologists say about how our thoughts affect our future

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“I think, therefore I am” — René Descartes

Research shows that people usually have up to 6,200 thoughts per day.

Being successful is so rewarding, but the journey to getting there doesn’t have to suck.

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On being self-serving to succeed

  1. “If you push others down on your…

Brittney Jones, MS

Psychology nerd and expert. Harvard Med clinical psychology fellow. Providing you with practical ways to enhance your life and mental health.

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